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    These healings are facilitated by healers that have gone through our clairvoyant training and healing programs.

    You too can learn how to do this! In the meantime enjoy any one or all.

    Hands on Healing - remain laying on a table as healers work on you in quiet. You get to receive on a deep level and release energy that you may not be able to do so otherwise.  40 minutes. By apt.

    Trance-medium Healing - Have multiple healers give to you a soul level healing 10-15 minutes. These are the first of their kind to be offered in the midwest. Monthly, last Sundays 11:30a-12:30p. Check our calendar. Open to public, walk in between the hour.

    Wellness Session - you remain laying down in this healing. This healing can assist in a release on a physcial  level with the added Spiritual Touch. By apt. on Fridays.

    Astral Body Healings -  This healing is directed towards your 'dream body' or else known as astral or spiritual body. It is a great space to address repair, rejuvenation and experiencing your own healing.  June dtba