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    Clairvoyant Program

    prerequisites: Clairvoyance 1 & 2 or Meditation 101/102 

    This fourteen month program uses all the tools learned thus far, to assist in self reading, going deeper to recognize pastlives, clear karma, learn to cultivate the energy you would like to have more of in your iife, communicate with your akashic record keeper, and more! It is with your inner spiritual eyes you get to see the life force around all living things and the spiritual healing that comes with awareness. Participation in classes, reading and healing events, comes with this commitment. In learning to read auras, you create a tremendous amount of self healing as you nourish your ability to see.

    Just because you learn to read others does not mean you want to read professionally but rather have a way, in this program, to validate an aspect of you that already reads. 

    We have worked closely with other centers out of state. If you have not taken classes here but have taken 101 and 102, feel free to ask questions.