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    Healing Hour Sunday 1-2p Receive a healing on your goals. What may keep you from moving forward?  sug. don. $5  (Healing hour on Dec 1, 8, 22, 29) No aura healing hour on Dec 15 instead attend the advanced healing hour at 11:30am that day.

    Clairvoyant Reading Now available during the day and by appointment. Weeknights at 7p and Sundays at 2p. $35-65 (Professional readings also available)

    Your Inner Sanctuary - Sunday, December 8 12-1p A place for meditation in relationship with your unique divinity. Enjoy Garrett Walter as he leads this hour in a nondenominational setting. (freewill donations accepted!)

    Mens Energy - dtba Healings for men. Specialty healing. Healings are 20 minutes long and validate your creativity and male energy. Drop in. $10

    Pet & Animal Clinic Thursday, December 12 7:15-8:30pm Energy healings for your pet! Bring a photo of your furry or feathered or other companion and allow them to receive a healing. Rsvp if you are bringing them in person. A healing is 30 minutes or longer. $10

    Spiritual Women's Gathering Friday December 13  2-4pm "Womens Energy"  Enjoy each month of this ongoing meeting for women. $40

    Trancemedium Healing Clinic Sunday, December 15  11:30a-12:30p. Drop in. Receive an individual healing with multiple healers.  This is the first of its kind offered in the midwest $15

    Beginning Clairvoyance 1 - dtba  Your first step. 5 weeks. This is the first class that one takes as their introduction to clairvoyant meditation. It is set in the energy of a spiritual kindergarten and gives you a set of tools to use right away. $180

    Christ Energy Healing - Sunday December 22  1-2p.

    Ending & Beginnings - Sunday, December 29 2-5:30p A seasonal must. Gather up your life force energy from current year to create with in the new year.  Lead by Garrett Walters. $60

    Refresh your Relationship  Recording:  Relationships make the world go round! Explore ways to navigate the playground of relationship between you and another.

     Hands on Healing Clinic dtba