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    Healing Center

    spiritual wellness


    Wellness Session

    Enjoy a healing as you lay on a table. A biomat can be a part of this offering. It is a heated mat that assists n circulation of energy through the body, detoxifies on a cellular level and creates flow in exceptionally tense areas. The healer creates a safe place for you to relax! Offered on weekends and Fridays by appointment. $50


    Enjoy one of these with a certified therapist who has much healing background of many years. Offered on Saturdays by appointment. $95  (discount for members enrolled in class)

    Life Coaching and Wellness Counseling

    Have a look with fresh eyes on what you may be working through. 

    Art & Intuition

    Self healingthrough art with a certified artist therapist

    Movement & Meditation

    First of its kind, chair yoga and in-chair meditation. Open to all ages.


    With a certified yoga instructor 

    Drumming Circle 


    With master drum instructor



    Spiritual Wellness and Awareness

    Healing circles

    Tools for Daily Use Workshops

    Mind Body Skills