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     Welcome to the center. You may register, inquire or request current newsletter via form to the right of the page.   518 Lee Suite B   Evanston Il 60202   847.757.2838

    Healing Hour  Thursday's 11:30a-12:30p 

    Reading Hours  by appointment.

    Beginning Clairvoyance 1 -Rescheduled for December. 

    Your Inner Sanctuary - Nov. 11 Sunday 12-1p. Healings to follow.

    Explore your Intution Workshop - Nov. 14  7p-8:30 A great first step for beginners. This is an exploration of your abilities and how they may work for you. You will learn about some of the tools and techniques that we use in our classes to make it easier to recognize how to use your intuition for you!  $33

    Special Channeling Event - November 18 Sunday 11:30a-12:30p . Arrive at 11:30a for this event - not a drop in format. A group event; you get to ask questions of an archangel or an ascended master/teacher. You will also get a chance to receive an individual healing following a group healing. Open to All. $20.

    Endings & Beginnings - December 30 Sunday 2-5p Set the stage for 2019. A step by step of how to do bring your life force to a new creative level. $50


    Current Events

     Next Class *  Specialty Healing * Free workshop * Graduate classes - develop your awareness from a whole different wavelength.  

     New trancemedium program starts March 2019. For more on the center follow here....