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    For Graduates of the Clairvoyant Training

    Workshops and Programs

    A place to take a step and enjoy some breakthroughs into spiritual freedom.  Also learn to have ownership of your certainty and spiritual information as you explore your dreaming, healing and teaching nature. 

    Refresh & Explore your Professional Space - Take your professional reading and healing space to a new level of depth, and explore what it would be like to create self-growth and abundance doing what you love. Use your tools to update the energy of your professional space and reset it to where you want it to be. We will work with your havingness, communication, follow-up, being of service, imagery of money and more!

    Spiritual Teaching - Explore the space of your inner teacher.' We will start with teaching what you have learned, have the tools to being present as others grow and learn, how teaching can be a healing to you, and validating what you know. In progress.

    Trancemedium Program- a simple exploration of navigating your space in and out of the body. Have more awareness of your divinity.  

    Hands On Healing Program - Spiritual Wellness

    Explore the healing potential that exists in that deep, sacred space as a healee will experience while lying relaxed on your table. Work with a person’s physical and etheric bodies to release judgement, pain and fear, and bring them to a space of balance, alignment, permission and self –love.  Now imagine that this healing is just as much for the healer. This Spiritual Wellness program course offers the opportunity for healers to take their next step with their healing space by learning how to own it in themselves and by sharing it with others. Some of the things you will learn are: Astral Body Healings, Creative Energy, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Christ force Healings and more

    This is a 6 month class. Please contact the center at for all dates, details, and registration process. 

    Advanced Clairvoyant Intensive - Gain mastery, spiritual autonomy, and create room for yourself to be in the world. Look at areas that matter to you such as communication with others, dream space, detailed spiritual anatomy, advanced kundalini, and more. 9 month program. 

    Healing 3 Have a detailed look at your spiritual anatomy and how it relates to the body. This is a 4 month program which is in conjunction with learning beginning levels of using your clairvoyant tools on a practical level. This is an opportunity for you to use your tools to enhance your everyday life.