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    Healing Activies 

     Healing Clinic - Drop in!  Sug. donation $5  

                                 Thursdays 11:30a-12:30p 



    The big picture: Healing can be looked upon as 'change'.  When you grow your awareness of self healing, your capacity to have more expands.  When you come into any healing offered, you already know what you would like to shift.  When you receive a healing, whatever it is you are 'working on' gets a healing. You are the biggest participant of your own shifts and that is something to be celebrated and validated.

    Consider this 15 minute aura healing  a tune-up that is subtle yet effective.


    Other Healing Sessions

    Trancemedium Healing Clinic - Last Sundays of the month 11:30a-12:30p Drop in! $15 Check calendar for date.  

    Hands on Healing -  40 minutes

    Wellness Session Healing - 40 minutes. Lay on a heated mat as you are worked on.

    Astral Body Healing - A healing on your dream space and dream body. 30 minutes Check calendar for date.