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    Meet Hope Hewetson, co founder of Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder CO.  Hope has continued to enjoy helping people to discover their truth within so they can walk in the awareness that they are a limitless spirit having a physical experience. The healing tools she teaches in her classes and workshops allow individuals to release the very energy that keeps you from being renewed with a sense of connection to one’s spiritual and creative expression and sacred divinity. Hope is also an artist, writer and she loves hiking and travelling.

    Get a professional reading with her while she is here.  In this session, you can create a major shift in any area. Bring your questions and do not be afraid to ask what you can do to assist yourself. Get some guidance and clarity around your situation. Readings: $135 for one hour and is recorded.

    SPIRITUAL GATHERING FOR WOMEN is a new monthly offering taught by Hope. It is great for those who have flexibility with their work schedules, are retired, are looking for new energy to enter their lives and students!

    July 26 Friday "Womens Energy and Happiness"