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    Hello!   More so now than ever - grounding is a tool that can be used to have a sense of 'inner space' that can be felt as being safe in a changing world. This inner space is where we hold our dreams, purpose, power and carry with us no matter where we go and who we meet. 

    It is in learning to consciously work with our ever growing and changing awareness that keeps us true to who we are. Any place inside you that is uncomfortable with change, letting go, getting rid of old patterns is not of service to you or anyone else. With that said,  one of the things that is worth cultivating is your spiritual awareness and playing with your power in a way that is within your boundaries. This involves seeing your self as you are.
    The intro classes start you off in opening that doorway to you in a safe way. Getting to know your intuitive self assists in navigating decision making, choice, possibilities,and  communicating with your higher power  in a groundededness.  Z.S.