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    Healing Hour Sunday 1-2p Receive a healing on your goals. What may keep you from moving forward?  sug. don. $5  (Healing hour on Oct. 6, 13, 20) ; No aura healing hour on Oct. 27 - instead attend the advanced healing hour at 11:30am that day).

    Clairvoyant Reading Now available during the day and by appointment. Weeknights at 7p and Sundays at 2p. $35-65 (Professional readings also available)

    Mens Energy - Saturday October 9 3-4:30p Healings for men. Specialty healing. Healings are 20 minutes long and validate your creativity and male energy. Drop in. $10

    Your Inner Sanctuary - Sunday, October 13  12-1p A place for meditation in relationship with your unique divinity. Enjoy Garrett Walter as he leads this hour in a nondenominational setting. (freewill donations accepted!)

    Telepathy - Sunday, October 20  2-4p Telepathy - is an ability that is different from our 'reality' as we vocalize during the day. It is that part of you that can have a quiet, nonverbal conversation with another. It can be fun to finish peoples sentences or know where one is going in their intent or know who is calling before you answer the phone. It is an ability that is taken for granted and learning about it can really validate your spiritual nature. Bring your sense of amusement!  $50

    Pet & Animal Clinic Thursday, October 24  7:15-8:30pm Energy healings for your pet! Bring a photo of your furry or feathered or other companion and allow them to receive a healing. Rsvp if you are bringing them in person. A healing is 30 minutes or longer. $10

    Spiritual Women's Gathering Friday October 25 2-4pm "Womens Energy"  Enjoy each month of this ongoing meeting for women. $40

    Trancemedium Healing Clinic  Sunday, October 27 11:30a-12:30p.  A drop  in event. Arrive between 11:30a and 12:30p. Receive an individual session just about you from multiple healers.  This is the first of its kind offered in the midwest $15

    Beginning Clairvoyance 1 - Wednesday October 23- Nov 20 7:00-8:45 p Your first step. 5 weeks. This is the first class that one takes as their introduction to clairvoyant meditation. It is set in the energy of a spiritual kindergarten and gives you a set of tools to use right away. $180

    Refresh your Relationship  Recording:  Relationships make the world go round! Explore ways to navigate the playground of relationship between you and another.

     Hands on Healing Clinic dtba