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    OPEN HEALING HOUR - Sundays  3-4pm Drop in!  Sug. donation $5 

    Healing can be looked upon as 'change'.  When you grow, your capacity to have more increases. This 'more' can be what it is you are needing as a spirit to letting go of what no longer serves you, having room for what you do want and a different way to approach life's curve balls.

    In the healing hour you get a 15 minute healing and all you have  to do is receive and breathe as you sit in a chair. Consider the healing a tune-up that is subtle yet effective as your very own energy system is given a tune-up.

    Want to be a healer and acknowledge what is already within you? In our Healing 101 class - explore: your spiritual anatomy, boundaries, sensing/seeing, receiving and giving, being in grounded flow.


    Clairvoyant Reading - 45 minutes.  Sundays at 4p -6p; Daytime 11a-12p and weeknights at 7p. 

    A reading is a communication. To a clairvoyant, your information appears as color, vibration, imagery.  Your information sits in your aura which is the life force around all living things. The read includes your growth period and an overview of it, a couple past lives and each layer of your aura.

    $35 student reading

    $60 for a graduate reading