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    Be the intuitive you are.

    As you connect with your spirit self you make it possible to have a lot more accessibility to your own information, energy, and awareness. This information can flow at a pace that is in harmony with you. Learn to use your awareness for your own growth by having some tools and a grounded space within which to have it and experience some freedom as you move forward with it.  Gain understanding of your incredible self. And the fun starts.... 

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    All meditation techniques and tools celebrate you creating new experiences as a sensitive spirit in body. Come in for a healing, a reading or join the intro class. More so now than ever, find your freedom in accessing your abilities, how they work and grow your awareness. Many have enjoyed the envisioning guidance that flows from within. You too can find out if it works for you. Bring your sense of adventure!

    List of classes.

    Healing Hour Sundays 3-4pm

    Readings by appointment. Sundays at 4pm, Weeknights at 7pm.

    518 Lee Suite B Evanston 60202