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    Tools for Everday

    Do you ever wonder how to create room for yourself so you can feel what it's like to stretch your wings? Creating the space and keeping it assists in experiencing our unique selves, following our expression, and fulfilling our highest potential. Having some tools allows for easier navigation and making one's own information available. You can choose to have the safe and calm to move through your life. But one of the biggest thing that stands in the way of moving out of the past  is not knowing that you can move out or clear blocks - known as stuck energy.

    We are a healing and meditation center. 'Heal the spirit, and the spirit brings healing to the body'

    To listen to a free recording to an introduction class, go the Members Resources page and use the following login information.  Login: guest   Password:  hello!  In guest resources you will find "Intro Talk".  If you would like the follow up 1hour, please submit your info on the form on the righthand side of this site and we can make the recording available to you.

    Cultivate your space. 


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